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MD's Message

I take this opportunity to thank our employees, valued customer and the members of the society in which we operate, whose continued patronage and confidence in our services inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their efforts, money & interest.

Al SHUJAA BUILDING CONT. LLC was established in May, 2005. Our Management has always paid close attention to the community, employees and customers as they are the pillars of our existence.

After all, it is only with the community and customer’s support, a cooperative and productive workforce, a satisfied customer base and a strong corporate brand that a company can be successful.

Some of our sustainability priorities
• Health and safety management of employees
• Resourcing for the growth
• Continuously support learning and development of staff
• Meet customers’ expectations

I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, cooperation of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organization.

M. Fazal Elahi Khan
B.Arch. N.C.A Lhr. (Pak)
Al Shujaa Building Cont. LLC.
Tel: +971- 6 - 561 8384
Fax: +971- 6 - 561 8331
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