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ABC was Registered in May 2005 as Limited Liability Company with the named Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC Thus, begun the history of significant, uninterrupted and accelerating development. Achieving quality is of prime importance. Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC is based on concepts, ideology and utilizing professional skills in the management of major construction projects and putting it in to the service of international and local clients. The essence of Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC today is defined by the range of its earliest projects, which include the construction of Industrial plants, Buildings, Villas, Sheds and Masques across the U.A.E.

Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC was established with the synchronization and coordination between Architect Mr. M. Fazal Elahi Khan and Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Khan.

Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC combines a rigorous focus on outstanding construction with a dedication to superior client service. By listening to the needs of our clients and tailoring our skills to match them, we demonstrate our ability to understand fully the scope of any project. Drawing on a workforce of 250 plus employees, as well as state-of-the-art plants and equipment, Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC is uniquely qualified to tackle even the most complex of projects.

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our senior management have been with the company over the long term. At the same time we believe in complementing this existing strength by attracting and retaining the best new talent in the market. Each project we undertake is assigned a team of specialists whose expertise meets the specific challenge of the work involved. Teamwork is an essential part of the Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC culture, guided by project managers and upper management who display a commitment and personal involvement to the successful execution of our major projects. From the ground upwards, the best-in-class expertise of our people ensures a sustained performance that will continue to carry us forward in the future.

Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC has developed a safety program to protect workers from the hazards associated with its operations. A “safety culture” is implemented on Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC sites with stringent measures being applied to minimized and prevent the occurrence of accidents. Safety officers are trained to enforce the programs and to follow up on equipment safety maintenance and usage. Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC is having Insurance from Alico International Insurance.

Working fast is the one of the specialties of the Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC , assuring clients of consistency and high standards within the record time frames. Al Shujaa Building Contracting LLC highly effective management, accurate planning and resource development are key in making the projects significant.
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